Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber/Super Armor

9101 Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber™ and 9100 Super Armor® are both moisture curable coatings which can be applied year round and will cure at temperatures as low as a few degrees above freezing (35°F, 3°C) and can be applied to damp substrates. Super Armor is the clear & transparent version of Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber.
  • Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber and Super Armor® can be applied to just about any surface at low ambient temperatures.
  • Fast cure rate makes impending weather a non-issue
  • This is why Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber and Super Armor can be used year round in much of the country.
Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber™ is a Silylated Hybrid Polymer based on Urethane/Polyether chemistry. This Innovative Polymer combination and treatment results in a unique combination of properties


  • Coating cures in 1-3 hours by absorbing moisture from the air.
  • Film is elastomeric with high elongation.
  • Good adhesion to most substrates except some TPO membranes
  • Can be applied to a damp surface
  • Withstands ponding water and total immersion
  • Easily re-coatable without a primer
  • Cures at temperatures as low as 33°F(1°C).
  • Ultra Violet (UV) stable.
  • Tolerates low temperatures to minus 60°F (minus 51°C).
  • Can be sprayed without diluting.
  • Has very good in-can stability until catalyst is added.
  • Will adhere to a fully cured film of Proflex Primer®.
  • Coating is oil resistant so it can be used on restaurant roofs.
  • Available in White, Gray, Black and Clear.
  • NOTE: Super Armor® is the clear version of Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber™

See below:
Super Armor® is clear and transparent. It can be applied to painted or unpainted walls. Spray paint will not adhere to the coating. Therefore graffiti can be removed with paint stripper or power washed,/span>

Super Armor® was specifically formulated to waterproof, reduce dirt accumulation and mildew growth and facilitate the removal of graffiti on stone and stucco buildings without damaging the coating.