NOTICE:Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber are not available at the present time. They have been discontinued by the manufacturer, ProGuard Coatings because they cannot at this time obtain the raw materials. Should the situation change, we will again make the products available.

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Liquid EPDM a Superior Rubber Coating that applies like paint
Liquid Roof® and Liquid Rubber® are liquid EPDM products which form a membrane of 100% pure EPDM rubber when cured. The cured EPDM rubber is identical in properties to the original EPDM sheet rubber roof.
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Liquid Roof® is a liquid EPDM product formulated specifically to coat roofs of RV’s, motor homes, campers, trailers, 5th wheels, mobile homes, houseboats and boat roofs. It can be easily applied by the owner over metal, aluminum , fiberglass, rubber, and foam roofs. Click here for more information—>
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Liquid Rubber® is formulated for residential and commercial buildings. It can be used on metal roofs, wood, concrete, fiberglass roofs, foam roofs and rubber roofs. It can be used to seal tanks used to hold water-based liquids. It can also be used to seal concrete such as in fish ponds. Click here for more information—->
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Liquid Roof® and Liquid Rubber® are two-part liquid EPDM systems that when mixed with the catalyst and applied to a surface will cure to form an EPDM membrane.
What is EPDM Rubber?
Moisture Cure™ Liquid Rubber and Super Armor Clear®