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Liquid ProPoly® Series 9600

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The Liquid ProPoly® is a product of high solids 2 part Aliphatic Urethane. It differs only in anti-skid additives.
Liquid ProPoly® coating was formulated to incorporate the latest advancements in polymer technology. The objective was to develop a coating with superior durability that could be used on roofs, walls or foot traffic decks, had a 1 to 2 hour pot life plus fast cure. Liquid ProPoly® has met these objectives. Liquid ProPoly® Urethane produce a tough yet elastomeric coating that is equally suitable for application on roofs, walls and siding, storage tanks as well as foot traffic surfaces. Non skid properties are obtained by incorporating the Anti-Skid Additive prior to application.

Product Features Suitable Substrates
Fast Cure………………………Low VOC
High Solids
1 to 2 hour Pot Life (depending on temperature)
EPDM Membranes
TPO Membranes
Rubber Sport Mats
The Liquid ProPoly® Coatings produce a very smooth glossy surface with low dirt retention properties. This is desirable for Recreational Vehicles, Metal Roofs and Steel Tanks.
ProFlex Primer® can be used over porous surfaces when a gloss finish is desired and Liquid ProPoly® topcoat can be applied within 3 days.
Traffic Decks should have non-skid surfaces. This is easily accomplished by incorporating the Anti-Skid Additive to Liquid ProPoly® prior to application.
Liquid ProPoly® coatings can be applied to both rigid as well as flexible substrates. It will have excellent adhesion when used with Proflex® Primer.

1. Substrate to be coated must be dry and free of dirt, debris and loose or peeling paint, asphalt based coatings must be removed.
2. Make any necessary repairs to ensure a structurally sound substrate prior to coating.
3. Corrosion on steel must be primed prior to application of Liquid ProPoly®.


NOTE:Part B (catalyst) is extremely sensitive to moisture and water. Do not open can before ready to mix. If solidified, then it needs to be replaced. Part A is pigmented and should be uniform without lumps or hard settling. Examine Part B to determine that it is clear and has not solidified. This part can solidify by reacting with moisture from the atmosphere, keep containers tightly closed when not in use. Mix equal volumes of Parts A and B using a drill mixer. Scrape sides of container and mix with rest of material.


<tbodyTheoretical coverage = 1426 ft. at 1 mil film thickness.

ProPoly® F9601 Urethane Total Thickness
ft²/gal: film thickness wih primer
200 6 mil 16 mil
100 14 mil 24 mil
75 19 mil 29 mil
50 28 mil 38 mil
(Proflex Clear Primer® = 10 mil thickness)


ProPoly® Urethane with catalyst is available in 2 gallon sizes. Colors: White, Black, Clear

Pot Life:
A chemical reaction begins after parts A & B are mixed and this produces some heat. When the heat builds up in the container it accelerates the reaction and causes a rapid increase in viscosity. The time interval to reach a difficult to apply viscosity is the pot life. At 60º F Pot Life is 2.7 hrs. At 72º F Pot Life is 1.5 hrs.At 85º F Pot Life is 1.0 hrs.
Film cure rate is shortened with increasing temperature. At 72º F the set to touch time for the clear and White coating is 2.5 to 3 hours and 3.0 to 3.5 hours for the black. The coating can be handled after 6 hours and take light foot traffic after 24 hours. Vehicular traffic can begin after 48 hours.

Do not thin product if application is by squeegee and roller. Use MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) if needed for spray application and clean-up.

Although the Liquid ProPoly® film reaches sufficient cure to handle or even walk on in less than 12 hours it requires approximately 7 days to reach full cure. Touch up or a second coat of Liquid ProPoly® may be applied within that period. If Liquid ProPoly® is more than 7 days old the surface of the film will have reached a cure condition that would prevent a second coat from adhering to it. In that event either abrade (sand) the first coat or apply Proflex Primer® prior to re-coating with Liquid ProPoly®

Useful Information:

  • You will have more time to distribute the material when the mixed product is emptied from the container onto substrate(surface) within 45 minutes.
  • Addition of 10-15% solvent extends pot life.
  • When spraying always put pump suction tube into newly mixed pail and then add remainder of previous pail.
  • Flush spray pump and hoses with MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) solvent every two hours to prevent product from curing in the hose when spray application takes more than two hours to complete.
  • Do not apply Liquid ProPoly® if rain is forecast within 12 hours.
Product Data


Chemical Type Two Component Aliphatic Urethane Solid Content 88.9% by Volume</td
Weight per Gallon 10.64 lbs. Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
Spread Rate at 1 mil 1421 sq. ft. Viscosity Initial 3000 cp mixed
Viscosity After 45 min. 9000 cp mixed Pot Life 1.5 hr at 72ºF; 1 hr at 85ºF
Tensil Strength 2900 psi Elongation 150%
Flash Point over 130ºF Compatible Solvents MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)
VOC 93g/l (0.775 lbs/gal) Storage Stability 6 mo. to 1 yr.
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