c. Liquid Roof® 5 Gallons

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Catalog # 9991-5
Liquid Roof® 5 Gallons with catalyst
Covers approximately 200 square feet.
Approximately 25 feet of a motor home roof.
NOTE: In the 5-gallon size, the catalyst is in the pail in an insert!


Liquid Roof is EPDM rubber in liquid form. EPDM stands for ethyene propylene diene monomer, a liquid. When mixed with the catalyst it cures to form ethylene propylene diene polymer which now is the rubber.
The rubber is stable from -60°F to 300°F. It is used to manufacture freezer door gaskets (low temperature) and automobile radiator hoses (high temperature).
The rubber is 100% ozone and uv light resistant. Therefore it will not weather. The life of the rubber is 15-20 years or more.