h. Butt Putty® Gel, 2-quart Kit


Catalog # F9208-2
Butt Putty® is a 100% epoxy product with 100% solids — no solvent.
Butt Putty® gel consists of 1 quart Part A and 1 quart Part B
Originally designed to patch building footing cracks.
Strength comparable to original concrete.
Butt Putty® features:

  • used for filling larger cracks and voids, regardless of position
  • easy to use for trowel application
  • consistency eliminates slumping or sagging so it can be applied to vertical surfaces and even undersurfaces
  • non-shrinking and will bond to most rigid materials
  • can be sanded or sawed when cured
  • Use on masonry to repair cracks and breaks
  • Use as a mortar to seal pipe penetrations, anchor railings and wall mountings