Liquid Roof®

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LIQUID ROOF® is a true liquid EPDM rubber and therefore could be described as a liquid that when cured has all the characteristics and properties of the single ply EPDM membrane that has established an outstanding performance record for over 30 years on Motor Homes and RVs.

Liquid Roof® is used to extend service life, seal leaks, reduce interior heat and rain noise, and stop chalking on older RV roofs. Can be applied to metal, plywood, fiberglass, sheet rubber and fabric surfaces. Liquid Roof® is applied by paint roller and/or brush.
What is EPDM Rubber?
Now you too can enjoy them many benefits of a weather-tight rubber roof. Liquid Roof’s® simple one-coat application saves you time and money, sealing and protecting your Motor Home from water damage and fuel guzzling drafts. Liquid Roof® is available in white (it actually matches the current color on your Motor Home/RV) and covers 40-46 sq. ft. per gallon.
Liquid Roof is not just a thin coating, when cured it is a whole layer of new EPDM rubber approximately 20 mil (20 thousands of an inch) thick.
NOTE: When cured, Liquid Roof® is the same rubber that is currently on your RV/Motor Home!
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