About Us

Advanced Rubber Coatings was founded by Dr. W. Joseph Schlientz. Dr. Schlientz has a PhD in chemistry.
His background has been in research and in teaching chemistry at the high school and college level.
Upon researching the coating industry, Dr. Schlientz arrived at the conclusion that EPDM is a superior and
advanced rubber, having been used for years in applications such as auto hoses, freezer gaskets.
Liquid EPDM rubber, when cured is identical, chemically, to the commercial EPDM rubber membrane
used on RV Roofs.
Advanced Rubber Coatings
381 Quarterline St.
Newaygo, MI 49337
Telephone: 231-652-9771 or 800-467-7135
email: advrubcoatings@aol.com
Products are normally shipped via Fed Ex Ground.
Large Orders are Shipped Common Carrier (truck).
Shipping: $9.50, Free Shipping orders over $150.
Confirm your order before submission and verify the information is completed. Please be sure your order is correct before submitting. Advanced Rubber Coatings is not responsible for errors made by its customers. We retain all order forms processed over our website and you will receive a confirmation by email.
The order cannot be changed once it has gone to shipping. It is the customers responsibility to the check the materials for damage at the time of delivery. Once the carrier has left the premises, you have accepted the order. Advanced Rubber Coatings will provide refunds on any item where the original box has not been opened.
Any container which has been opened will not be accepted. Returns are not accepted after 15 days from order date. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs both ways in addition to restocking fees as follows: each 5 or 4 gal pail: $15.00, each 1 gal can: $8.00, each quart can $5.00.
For orders over $100, any shipping cost incurred will be added.
You will need return authorization before you return any item. Contact us for the proper address for returns at 800-467-7135 or email us at support@advancedrubbercoatings.com. Any order returned without proper authorization will be refused. Orders will be refunded providing you contact us prior to your order being shipped to us.
You agree that by placing an order with Advanced Rubber Coatings that you will not refuse shipment or attempt a chargeback as it is invalid based on the terms of your purchase with us.